Gouwerok participates in VMBO On Stage

Shipyard Gouwerok participates in VMBO On Stage.

Did you know what you wanted to be at a young age? And, did that work? Making a career choice is not easy when you are 14 or 15 years old. They can use help with that! In order to orientate themselves properly, VMBO On Stage introduces the students to numerous professionals. So with us! In this way they get to know new professions, they are given the opportunity to ask their questions and they attend part of the day. This project helps students to shape their future. Do you want to help with that too?!



Participate in the On Stage Profession Party. More than 1000 students from De Ronde Venen, Aalsmeer, Amstelveen and Uithoorn and more than 200 enthusiastic professionals are present at this party. During the Beroepsfeest you can tell about your profession, your working day and your industry. If it clicks, appointments will be made for the Doe Day. Then the students pay a working visit to your company in order to experience your profession. Curious about what the Professional Festival looks like? Watch the video below. In 2022, the Professions Party will be replaced by Digimatch and the Doe Day will be on June 2.

Why participate?

  • Happy students! That’s great isn’t it?!
  • You meet your future employees and colleagues
  • You help future professionals with their career choice
  • Participation is a great promotion for your company and your industry – you show that you are socially involved

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You can register for Veen en Amstelland On Stage via: www.veenenamstellandonstage.nl


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